Activities: Guided Canoeing Tour

June 26th 2023 in Travel
Activities: Guided Canoeing Tour

Guided Canoeing Tour in Lithuania

Unforgettably experience this unique place. Paddle your cedar strip canoe through the stunning landscapes, make yourself comfortable in the stylish outdoor chairs and enjoy the legendary picnic basket.

Since dawn, a unique combination of wind, water, and sand has shaped this short strip of land. It is currently known as the Curonian Spit and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There's plenty to see here, including moving dunes, animals, old fishermen settlements, and the Pervalka Lighthouse. This journey is unique because of the stunning scenery, cultural and historical heritage, and unique cedar canoe paddling experience.

You'll start with a scenic ferry ride to the Curonian Spit. You will go from Klaipeda to Pervalka, passing through Juodkrante with its calm embankments.

Following a briefing, you will travel to Pervalka Lighthouse. You will paddle along the beach, taking in the scenery of the dunes, the Curonian Lagoon, and, of course, the major attraction of this tour, the Pervalka Lighthouse. Following a brief photo stop at the lighthouse (no need to risk your equipment; your guide will take photos with his camera and a drone), you will paddle towards the dunes. Relax, and enjoy the view with a glass of wine, coffee, or tea.

On the way back, you'll stop at two locations:

  • The famed heron and cormorant colony
  • One of Europe's largest colonies of these birds
  • Juodkrante town (previously known as Schwarzort)