Time to Explore Klaipeda

October 16th 2023 in Travel
Time to Explore Klaipeda

Best Places to Visit in Klaipeda

Klaipeda is a must-see destination in Western Lithuania, famous for its charming old town, bustling ice-free port, and unique character. Plus, it’s situated alongside the stunning Baltic coast!

What To Do Here

Explore the Old Town

Klaipeda lost a significant part of its heritage during WWII. However, the old town still boasts a grid layout of cobbled streets and one-of-a-kind fachwerk architecture. The Art Yard, an arts and crafts space, is home to some of the best examples of this architecture. The old town is the most historic part of the city, and visitors can start their tour in the beautifully restored Theatre Square, which is the heart of the city. Here, they will see the glorious Drama Theatre and the statue of Ann from Tharau, dedicated to Simon Dach, a German poet born in Klaipėda. Hitler once stood on the balcony of the Drama Theatre when he announced Klaipeda’s annexation to Germany. It was not a voluntary merger, as Führer threatened to occupy the whole country if the Lithuanian government declined the request. The rumour has it that Hitler ordered the removal of the statue of Ann from Tharau from its original place as it was deemed obstructing. Visitors should also explore Friedrich Pasažas (Friedrich Arcade), a beautifully restored place that was once dull Soviet-era offices. Today, it is a beautiful chill-out spot for locals and visitors, and in the summer months, live local music shows often occur in the courtyard.

Go sculpture hunting in the Old Town.

The Black Ghost is Next to the Chain Bridge and Old Mill Hotel. Whether travelling alone, with a partner, or with your family, you’ll love exploring the old town. The bronze, steel, and granite masterpieces throughout this coastal city are magical and will melt your heart.

Watch for the imposing Serpentine, which sneaks down the wall, and the tiny Magic Mouse. When you find the Magic Mouse, whisper your secret wish into its ear. The 2.4-meter Black Ghost is a stunning piece of art with a legend that says it saved the city from famine. The ghost appeared next to the Memel Castle, which existed then, and warned people to keep their food and timber supplies. The hooded statue is magnificent at night when lit up from the inside. This makes for a truly magical experience and an excellent opportunity to take photos. While you’re there, remember to check out the Chain Bridge. This unique bridge, built in 1855, is manually rotated by two strong men and is the only one of its kind in Lithuania.

Visit the Sculpture Park

The Klaipeda Sculpture Park is a magnificent place to explore and admire exquisite artwork amidst tall, shady trees. The park is particularly stunning during autumn when the golden, rustling leaves add to its beauty.

Initially, the park was a local cemetery, but it transformed into an outdoor museum and a memorial in 1977. The creative process of setting up the park took over 15 years, but the result is awe-inspiring.

The park is home to a total of 116 remarkable granite sculptures, representing Lithuania's modern sculpture era.

Discover Mazvydas Promenade

A statue of a girl can be found on the Mazvydas Promenade (Mažvydo Alėja), where visitors can take a stroll and admire the various art pieces on display. It's also an excellent spot for taking Instagram-worthy photos!

Walk along the Dane River

The Meridian is a great place to take a relaxing walk along the river Dane. You can stroll either south towards the Old Ferry Port or north towards the Botanical Gardens. A good starting point is the old Biržos Bridge.

Regardless of your chosen direction, you should check out the excellent Meridianas ship on the river bank. Built by the Finnish in 1948 and beautifully restored in 2012, the vessel now houses a luxurious restaurant. It's an excellent spot for a romantic dinner, but be aware that prices are very reasonable, but there aren't too many vegetarian options. The Botanical Garden belongs to Klaipeda University and is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. If you have green fingers, you will love the space. There are around 250 species of plants naturally growing in the garden.

When at the Meridian, check out the 'Little Mermaid' statue beneath the bridge on the right bank of the river. It's a relatively recent addition to the sisterhood of all the other mermaids scattered across Europe. Like all the other marvellous statues in the city, this seductive Mermaid is unique. Look closely at the tail, crafted from pre-Euro Lithuanian coins, making it exclusive. It's a clever way to commemorate the national currency, which sadly no longer exists.

Discover the Castle Museum in Klaipeda

The Castle Museum in Klaipeda is an excellent place to explore the city's history and development. Additionally, visitors can see a detailed model of the castle fortification and other interesting artefacts.