Lithuania Travels: Top 5 Places

February 13th 2023 in Travel
Lithuania Travels: Top 5 Places

These stunning Lithuanian cities, perfect for a unique European city break, are the epitome of the intrigue and wonder that characterize the country of Lithuania. Lithuanian cities have something for everyone, from breathtakingly gorgeous architecture to attractive, lively squares. Lithuania is Northern Europe's undiscovered treasure, brimming with romance, adventure, and history.

Here are top 5 places to visit in Lithuania


Lithuania's capital, Vilnius, is in the country's eastern region. Vilnius is a multicultural city that welcomes people of all religions and nationalities. With over 30 churches spread out over the city, this lovely site is well known for its churches. Forests and parks line the perimeter of Lithuania's capital. It is one of Europe's greenest capitals. Gediminas Castle, perched on one of the hills in the middle of town, serves as the town's emblem.

The Old Town and Vilnius, an excitingmodernizedregion, are on each side of theNerisRiver, which divides the capital city. You can find a variety of sculptures of well-known Lithuanians throughout the squares and backyards of Vilnius' old town.It is also teeming with pubs andcaféswhere guests can sample diverse national cuisine, such as Lithuanian lazy cake/cookies. Vilnius elegantly mixes historic and modern Lithuania, which is worth visiting any time of year.


The Baltic Sea is accessible through the third-largest city in Lithuania, also known as the doorway to the sea. This town boasts many sea-related attractions due to its location. Prepare for boat rides along the Dan River andsunbathe on stunning beaches.Klaipėda's old town is a charming districtcharacterizedbyits quaint, timber-framed architecture and pastel-coloured buildings.

A must-do activity is taking the ferry across the city. Golden beaches and lush woodlands await, as does the well-regarded Lithuanian Sea Museum. At the nearby dolphinarium, you may observe dolphins. The Klaipėda Sea Festival, which is often attended by over a million people, is held in the city every year in July. Attendees can enjoy local craft markets, exhibitions, and live bands during this festival.


The word 'Druskininkai' means 'place with loads of salt' because it is besideNemunas. This beautiful little spa town is close to the Polish border and has been a well-likedholidaydestination for more than a century.Druskininkaiis teeming with spas and baths, making it an ideal weekend getaway for those wishing to unwind and relax. If you're feeling more daring, there are still many enjoyable activities. TheAquaparkand Snow Arena are two of the numerous must-see attractions which are ideal for outdoor winter sports.

Breathtaking landscape surrounds Druskininkai as well. The Nemunas, as previously indicated, winds through lush forests as it circles the city. In the autumn, the woods are teeming with people who come not only to walk but also to harvest mushrooms and berries. One of the city's must-see attractions is Gruto Parkas, an open-air museum with an extensive collection of Soviet-era statues and propaganda items.


The nation's northeastern region is home to the magnificent, picture-perfect city ofAnykščiai. The cherished poem“AnykščiaiForest”by Lithuanian poetAntanasBaranauskasmade this hamlet famous. This major work of Lithuanian literature has been translated into numerous other languages.

The advent of Anykščiaias, a tourist destination for the past ten years, has sparked a lot of development. One of its must-see sights is the Medžių lajų takas, an impressive canopy walkway overlooking the trees, and the canopy provides access to breathtaking city vistas. It was the first walkway of its kind in the Baltic region when it debuted in 2015. Lithuania also includes 158.8 kilometres of narrow-gauge railway line built by the German Empire during World War I. The Anykščiaias rail museum teaches about this form of railway, an essential element of Lithuanian history and heritage.


Among Lithuania's significant cities, Kaunas is the second largest and was built in the early half of the 20th century, and this fascinating city is renowned for its modernist architecture. The old town district is a must-see location in the city, which is home to magnificent Gothic structures, including Vytautas Church and the House of Perkūnas. The Basilica of Christ's Resurrection is another of Kaunas' most remarkable designs. It features an open rooftop from where one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, situated on top of the Žaliakalnis neighbourhood.

Green hills surroundKaunas, which are accessible by the unusual mode of transportation known as funiculars. One of the oldest transportation systems in all of Europe, it is an excellent opportunity to get a bird's eye view of the city.Kaunasis renowned as Lithuanian basketball's home, with a thriving nightlife and rich cultural heritage. The most successful basketball team in Lithuania and a member of theEuroleagueisŽalgiris. One of the most popular sports arenas in Europe, theŽalgirisArena is well known for its spectacularhalf-timeand pre-game performances.