Entertainment: Vilnius Best Nightclubs

July 7th 2023 in Travel
Entertainment: Vilnius Best Nightclubs

TOP Best Clubs in Vilnius Nightlife

Vilnius offers a vibrant nightlife that features the best music, beverages, and people in Lithuania, if not the entire Baltic States. There is something for everyone's taste in Vilnius, from electronic music to pop to LGBT clubs, so it would be a shame not to go partying at least once.

Soho Club

Soho Club is Vilnius' most prominent homosexual club, with rich traditions and a large LGBT community. It offers a nice staff, good music, and a cosy ambience, so anyone who enjoys good LGBT parties should visit Soho in Vilnius.


Salento may not be the most popular local club, but it is a favourite hangout for Vilnius' exchange students. Therefore, the party always continues. The staff is very professional and courteous, and the costs are reasonable, making it an ideal spot for younger people who enjoy going wild on the dance floor to the world's most popular dance music.


People who enjoy stronger music, such as rock and metal, should surely visit Bix, Vilnius' best rock music club. If more is needed, Bix has the most affordable meals in town, as well as courteous waitresses and expert bartenders. All you have to do is order meals on the top floor, drink with your pals on the ground floor, and then hit the dance floor in the basement.


Opium is the greatest place in Vilnius to listen to electronic music. Owners showed their ability to outperform themselves just when it appeared that Opium could not get any better. One of Vilnius' top high-end sound systems and impeccable taste in electronic music make this venue a shining jewel in the city's nightlife scene.


Loftas is one of Vilnius's largest nightclubs in an old industrial building that has been transformed into a place where people go crazy on weekends. Loftas is one of the top nightlife venues in Vilnius, especially when there is a live performance because the owner is well-known in the Lithuanian music scene. He has many contacts and always welcomes the best DJs and artists from all over the world.

Tamsta Club

Tamsta Club hosts some of Vilnius's best live music concerts, so keep an eye on their schedule if you want to party there. The music changes every night, as the proprietors aim to bring in the best live bands worldwide to provide diversity while maintaining high standards. Tamsta Club opens relatively early because most concerts begin between 8 pm and 10 pm, making it ideal for those who like to start the party early.

Kablys Culture Bar

Culture Bar Kablys is Lithuania's largest nightclub, hosting the best parties and bizarre cultural events. Locals know they can go to Kablys at any time of day or night, including Mondays, and find a party because this location never sleeps. Inside the structure, there is also a large skate park. You must visit Kablys' official website to learn more about upcoming concerts and events, and then head there for a memorable nightlife experience in Vilnius.